Automatic Generator

In case of power outage, automatic generators can provide unlimited power for your entire home. An engine is installed outside your home, while inside changes/additions are made to your electrical wiring allowing for a transfer switch and subpanel of selected circuits. Several brands are available, with a fairly wide range of sizes, quality levels, and price.

If you have determined that an automatic generator is right for you, or you have questions, be sure to contact our friends at: Mpower Emergency Power Systems.
Paul will guide you from start to finish.

Why Choose an Automatic Generator

Occasionally, we are told that a Protector iControl is “not needed” because the house has (or is getting) an automatic generator. While the auto-gen is a wonderful luxury that offers many benefits, this short analysis shows why it is not necessarily the best solution for the specific purpose of flood protection.

An automatic generator is a natural gas (or propane) fueled engine placed outside your home that detects power loss and can automatically turn on to provide power to selected circuits. Cost depends on size of generator needed, location of unit, access to panel and circuits, and what kind of work is involved in running the gas and electrical lines.