Electric Sump Pump

Basement Flood Protector provides the best in electric sump and sewage pump equipment. We offer unbeatable warranties and guarantee professional installation.

Protector EcoPower:
The Protector EcoPower electric sump pump offers the best of both worlds – high pumping capacity and low power consumption without inflating the numbers.

At Basement Flood Protector, we carry only the best electric sump pump systems. We offer unbeatable warranties and we guarantee expert installation. The next time a major thunderstorm parks over your home, you can rest easy knowing that your pump will do its job and your home will be protected.

The EcoPower offers:

– A cast iron and stainless steel body with poly resin top cap and handle
– Adjustable external vertical float switch
– Piggyback pump and switch cord assembly for easy serviceability
– Stainless steel screen intake
– Energy efficient 115V single phase 60Hz pump motor
– Silicon Carbide Shaft Seals

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