Basement Flood Protector has been in business since 1974 and with the strong focus we have on customer satisfaction, it shows. We have served tens of thousands of customers over the years both with our regional (Chicago area) basement waterproofing and pump services and with our many products we ship all over the United States. Below is just a small sampling of the hundreds of letters people have taken the time to write over the years.

Listen to a few customer testimonials:

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Customer Testimonials

When my basement flooded in the spring of 2010 due to my old sump pump failing, I immediately called Basement Flood Protector to rectify the problem. Jeff was out that same day assessing my situation, and helping me decide what sump pump was right for me with absolutely no sales pressure.

In addition, I soon realized that my 25 year old outflow piping was no longer carrying my storm water away from my house, and it was Jeff and his crew that again solved that problem for me quickly, efficiently, and at a very reasonable price.

Jeff, and all the people at BFP, are the most courteous, professional, and honest group I have ever had to deal with. Over a year after they worked on my storm drainage system, I called with a question and got an answer within 30 minutes. They can handle all your storm water drainage needs, and will do it better and more cost effective than any other. I have absolutely no fear of my basement ever flooding again. My new motto is “Let it rain”!
-Mike Maguire, Kildeer, IL

Just wanted to let you know that my decade old Basement Flood Protector system worked like a charm during a power outage caused by the recent Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. The system had never been “battle tested” since I installed it 10 years ago. I was nervous with Irene’s wind/rains approaching, the ground already saturated from previous rains and having just recarpeted my finished basement. I stayed up all night during the height of the storm to monitor the sump level.

When power went out at 4 AM, the Basement Flood Protector system activated as designed while efficiently and effectively removing water from the sump. Power came back on at 6 AM (we were lucky to only have it out 2 hrs) and stayed on until 6:30 PM that evening when we lost it for another 18 hrs. But at that point, I had confidence in the backup provided by my Basement Flood Protector and was able to sleep soundly. In addition to the product working as designed, what is really great is that (1) I was able to speak with you about a product your company sold to me 10 years ago, and (2) you were genuinely interested in hearing from me about the performance of your product.
-John B. Branchburg, NJ

Wanted to take a moment to thank John and Angie for your help last weekend as I prepared for Hurricane Irene here in New Jersey.

Your help in sending me the system with the overnight shipping allowed me hook up this system and get the battery back up running just before the storm hit the next day. The power did go out for 8 hours and the two battery back up system with the Eco Power Pump ran well during this time period until the power came on. It saved my basement from taking on water. Will talk to you soon. Thanks.
-Mark Walker, New Jersey

Your office will probably remember me because I took you up on your offer to view pumps at your demonstration stage. You spent the time to test as many pumps as I wanted and I was able to see the real pumping capacities, as opposed to the ridiculous numbers that the Watchdog and ProSeries systems (and others) claim… which would explain why I flooded even though I had the Watchdog “Big Dog”.

I couldn’t believe how exagerrated their numbers are! I was also impressed that your pumping capacities were EXACTLY what you said they were. I will now have Peace Of Mind and sleep easy during the next storm. Thank you for your integrity and excellent equipment!
-Jon Barton, Barrington, IL

Even though I’d been hearing your radio ads for years, I never called until after I flooded. Now, my sump equipment is the envy of the neighborhood and I was the only one on my street with a dry basement in the record rains last August. I am here to tell people that Basement Flood Protector is a great company to work with (Roger was one of the best technicians I’ve ever had in my home) and the pump system is like nothing I’ve seen before. Keep up the good work.
-Declan Burleson, Hinsdale, IL

The Protector pump equipment called me while I was in Brazil vacationing. That’s how I found out about the power outages and storms from August 2007! The system performed flawlessly and I had the piece of mind that my basement was dry. Most of my townhome community, which contains many empty nesters (travelers) like us, flooded.
-Bill M. Northbrook, IL

During the heavy storms the other night, mine was the only dry basement around. Even though my electric pump failed and another contractor had accidentally unplugged some wires, my Protector backup sump pump system knew that was something was wrong and kicked in anyway to save the basement.” [note: our system can put itself into “emergency” mode if it senses something is awry. This customer’s sensor wires had been torn out of the unit AND his electric pump had broken. Despite all that, the Protector, sensing a problem, turned the pumps on as needed until the issue was remedied. We designed everything to “fail safe.”
-Kerry S. Chicago, IL

If you have ever experienced water in your basement, it is certainly something you never (ever) want to experience again. The salesperson did a great job of explaining to me how it happened and better yet, what I needed to do to prevent it from happening again. At the time, we did not even have a sump pump; therefore a considerable amount of work was going to be required.

I was very impressed with everything that went into the installation of my new sump pump and was especially impressed with how they cleaned up afterwards. I also like the fact that they use a commercial grade battery and separate discharge pipe for the backup sump pump. Lastly, the service techs that come out for the annual diagnostic testing are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you might have. I recommend Basement Flood Protector very highly.
-Brent D. Crystal Lake, IL

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with my Basement Flood Protector experience. We had just finished our basement on June 6, 2008. The very next day we had a record amount of rainfall in the southern suburbs of Indianapolis (9 inches in 8 hours). We lost power during the heavy rainfall and needless to say our brand new finished basement flooded. I vowed to never let it happen again. That is when I began my search for the best back up sump system available. That search led me to your company. My first contact with your company was Rob. He was outstanding to work with. Through him I was put in contact with a local plumber (since we are out of your service area). My system was installed in August of 2008. Rob was on site for the installation. I was very impressed by that.

A week later the plumber had to come back and replace a bad check valve on one of the discharge lines. During the repair, the high water alarm was triggered several times. I received a phone call from you just checking on the alarms. Once again I was extremely impressed.

We have recently finished our basement again. I am very comfortable knowing that my Protector system is keeping an eye on my basement 24/7. I feel very confident in the fact that my original goal of never flooding again has been achieved (or at least as close as possible). If there is anything I can do to help you establish your product in Indiana please let me know. I really believe in your product and service. The features and benefits they offer are unmatched by any other product on the market today. I would love to see every homeowner with a finished basement have the piece of mind I now have.

Thanks again for a job well done!
-Michael Hoffman, Indiana

We have had Basement Flood Protector perform a variety of work in two different houses – our previous home in Hickory Hills and our current house. In both cases, the main concern was protecting a recording studio and musical equipment in the basement, along with maintaining usable space  (Hickory Hills had a leakage problem and we took preventative measures on our current house). We received straight-talk, honest assessments of each situation, encountered pleasant and courteous employees, and found the workmanship to be excellent. Our highest recommendation goes to Basement Flood Protector!
-Jeff, Villa Park, IL www.onefiftythree.net (contemporary Christian music)

Our Basement Flood Protector sure did its job Monday night – no water in our basement – not even damp. We can’t believe it kept up with all the rain; it was coming down so fast and furiously and even though we lost our power for 7 hours. What a relief!
-K.M. Elgin, IL

We are extremely glad we installed your Protector backup sump pump system. Two days after we installed carpet and again this week during a storm we would have flooded without it! I’ve told many people how happy we are! Money well spent.
-R.J. Aurora, IL

First of all, let me say that I was very pleased with your professional and personal opinions from the start. I feel that you were very informative and honest… Steve arrived promptly for the installation and it appears he did a wonderful job. He was thorough and explained the system to me. I will certainly refer any of my neighbors to you.
-W.R.T. Mundelein, IL

We lost power due to a storm. We were out of power for nearly 4 hours. The Protector kicked in & ran continuously until the power was restored. Our basement stayed dry, whereas several other neighbors had water damage. Great product. I will recommend it.
-Quent Lang, Arlington Heights, IL

I’m writing to let you know how happy we’ve been w/ your products & services. We have one of your back up systems, and our basement is finished. We lost power during a storm, & I was worried about the damage that might result from flooding. But, the back-up system eliminated the concern. Let it storm! The installation was smooth & professional, & your crew went the extra mile.
I will provide a positive rating on Angie’s List.
-James Juul, Wauconda, Il

Your system is exactly what I needed, and the quality seems excellent. We probably could’ve gotten along using a cheaper arrangement, such as a Watchdog, but your system seems better in every respect. The messaging feature puts it a different league.
-Thomas Durham, Winnetka, IL

Thank you very, very much for coming out & adjusting & fixing our sump pumps. That was a great thing you did! and you came back to give a crash course in pumps. Also, thank John for his quick response. My husband told his friend about you & he had one of your systems installed. He commented also, on how great you are!. I’m very grateful for all of you.
-Mary Nowicki, Western Springs, IL

To the guys who worked in my basement. You did a great job!! Thank you. I will keep you in mind if anyone needs your work. Everything was clean & no one could tell I had work done. Thank you so much!!
-Ann Clarey, Des Plaines, IL

Thank you for being a very reliable organization. We believe we received everything we asked for. Your workers were excellent! Our yard was better when you left. We never knew you were here. Thank you for taking care of our house. We appreciate your quality work & would not hesitate to refer you.
-The Riegers, Elmhurst, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for your system that was installed 2 years ago. We lost power for about 25 hours & your battery back up system fought through the night & kept our house dry. Our streets were flooded & our drainage systems were overflowing. Most of my neighbors experienced damage. I’m thrilled on how things turned out & wanted to pass along my appreciation to your company & product.
-Steven Goluch, Inverness, IL

Thank you for your honest company. After all these years, we’re still satisfied customers. But, especially for your service man, Roger. He’s so good, patient & polite. We request him for all our service calls.
-The Demiks, Roselle, IL

I wanted to thank you for your great service. During a rainstorm, after business hours, my pumps weren’t working. I left a voice message & within a couple of minutes, John called back & had Tim at our house within 25 minutes. I don’t know what I would’ve done if BFP hadn’t helped asap. Thanks to your prompt attention, a disaster was averted. I can only hope that if/when I have a heart attack,that the paramedics arrive as fast as Tim did. I’ve been a BFP customer for many years & I wanted you to know that the service has always been excellent. Thanks again.
-Alan Case, Buffalo Grove, IL

On Thursday, I called for help with both my ejector pump & sump pump. John promptly responded to my phone message & arranged for Roger to make a service call that evening. Roger had diagnosed & repaired the problem quickly & cost effectively. He had both problems fixed within the hour. Roger exhibited the highest level of honesty, integrity & technical competency. I couldn’t be more satisfied & will call you for any needed sump pump system work in the future. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
-George Arway, South Elgin, Il

First & foremost I want to compliment your back-up system which in my opinion, kept my basement dry during last week’s storms. When we lost power, the battery back up kicked in & kept up with the rains. As best as I can determine, it lasted about 10 hours.
Thank you.
-Mike Cirelli, Winfield, IL