Drain Tile Repair

If your basement floods on a regular basis, you may need drain tile repair. By having a professional perform this service, you can rest assured that excess water will be removed from your basement before it causes problems.

How a Drain System Works

A interior drain tile system will typically include a variety of components installed in your basement flooring. The drain tile itself is a pipe (usually about four inches wide) with several holes drilled into it. The holes are designed to funnel water through the system and away from your home.

The pipe is then set into gravel, which is important because gravel is more porous than soil, and will, as a result, make it easier for water to flow. Once the pipe is set, the system is then covered so debris or sediment cannot cause clogs. If your home is on flat ground or located at the bottom of a hill, you should also consider having a sump pump installed to supplement your system.

Common Reasons for Drain Tile Repair

If your system was either installed improperly or made of obsolete material, the chances are high you will eventually need drain tile repair. For example, older systems used clay pipe, which does a good job of channeling water but can also break very easily. In addition, pipes made of clay are much more susceptible to root intrusion as well as shifting and cracking. This could lead to the system becoming plugged, which will result in water continually building up pressure against the foundation of your home and potentially causing substantial damage.

Another reason your basement drain tile many need repair is a faulty sump pump. If your pump fails, that can lead to your drain tile system gradually backing up until water flows over the lid of the pump. This, of course, will lead to basement flooding. A good way to prevent this from occurring would be to have a battery backup pump installed.

Contact Us About Drain Tile Repair

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