4 Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Many homeowners deal with basement flooding on a fairly regular basis. Though some just hope that it will go away on its own rather than dealing with it, this can end up doing a lot of damage to your home in the long run. When your basement floods, it is best to handle the problem right away. In order to do so, you might want to understand the reasons for basement flooding.

Causes of Basement Flooding

4 Common Causes of Basement FloodingOne very common cause of basement flooding is that the home has been constructed on a site that is not suitable. Typically, houses are built on slope terrains, which allows any accumulated water to drain away. If your home has been constructed on the lower part of your property, there is actually a chance that it will frequently flood.

Another common cause for basement flooding is poor wall sealing and flooring. If the tiles in your basement have not been properly sealed, water can easily seep through them when there’s a lot of it. If, after heavy downpours and storms, it is common for your basement to fill with water, you may want to check the seals.

A third cause of basement flooding is problems with the gutter system or drainage system. If the gutter system is blocked, floods can happen on your property when the manifold that connects your house to the public sewer system ends up plugging. In this situation, you should call your respective local authorities right away to prevent water levels from increasing rapidly and possibly destroying the foundations of your home.

If your drainage system has not been installed correctly, leaks can take place. If the downspouts of your house drain towards the basement or have been placed too close to the wall of the basement (meaning within six feet of the wall), they can cause leaks. A fourth cause of basement flooding is debris in the eavestroughs. If there is debris here, the eavestroughs may overflow right next to your basement and lead to leaks.  You can solve this problem by climbing onto your roof and cleaning the eavestroughs. If you have clean eavestroughs that still overflow, replace them with larger ones.

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