Are Sump Pump Failures Covered By Insurance?

Alas, the answer to this question is not quite as simple as it should be. If your homeowner’s policy covers flooding, then it will cover the cost if your sump pump fails. It is important to remember that sometimes you have to opt in for this coverage and pay extra for it.

If you have a home that you think is at risk for flooding, then it may be worth it to double check your policy and make sure you have a level of coverage you are comfortable with.

Important To Document

Are Sump Pump Failures Covered By Insurance?If you are planning on using your insurance to cover the cost of replacement and damages associated with sump pump failure, then it is essential to call a professional as soon as possible. One main reason for this is to thoroughly document the scenario.

Insurance companies are going to want some proof or evidence before they pay out any benefits. A professional pump repair service can make sure that events are documented as they should be. Don’t start trying to eliminate more water than you have to before calling in an expert.

Alternatives To Insurance

In some areas, the cost of insurance that covers such things as sump pump failure may be cost prohibitive. One thing that can be done is have your pump serviced regularly to check for problems.

Even a total pump replacement every five years can still be less expensive than what some flood insurance coverages cost. A pump is something you are going to use; whereas, there is a good chance that you will never have to deal with a claim and are thus spending that money for just a little peace of mind.

If your pump is older, now is the time to have it looked at. You can save yourself thousands of dollars and hassle by being proactive. A few inexpensive components may be all that is needed to get your pump working in much better order and protecting your home from massive water intrusion.

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