Sump Pump Installation in Crawl Spaces

The use of a sump pump is necessary for many areas for dealing with water issues either on a daily or seasonal basis. High moisture levels in your home can cause a lot of trouble in the form of humidity, molds, rot, and more. Installing a sump pump in a crawl space is not without its challenges. Here are a few things you should know.

Professional Sump Pump Installation Matters

Sump Pump Installation In Crawl SpacesCrawl spaces are tight to work in so even if you know a few things about pumps and plumbing it can be a challenge to work under these conditions. Also, if there is a problem, there is less room for water to go, and it can be even harder to fix problems.

Special low profile pumps and equipment are required for the lower clearance available in a crawlspace area.  Features such as battery back up sump pumps can provide more service and security during inclement weather.

Making sure valves and checks are performing as they should is part of the job when you call in a professional. A faulty check valve can result in your basement getting a lot wetter than you would like.

The cost of sump pump installation is very low. If you have a faulty system, then imagine what this could cost you during wet weather. It doesn’t take much to have damages that far exceed the cost of replacement or a new installation of a sump pump. 

Quality Parts And Equipment

Like any appliance or machine, the quality of the components is important. We only use the highest quality pumps and parts for your new sump pump installation. Reliability is not something you want to worry about when it comes to your home or business moisture level.

Schedule Installation

Less moisture can mean more hygienic conditions in your home or business. You may even see a reduction in allergies when high levels of moisture are eliminated. Contact Basement Flood Protector today by calling (847) 852-7150, and let us get started creating a more pleasant environment for you and those you care about the most.