How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last?

Sump pump batteries can last several hours. However, there is a little more to consider when deciding on the best battery for your needs.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What kind of backup battery does your current pump have?
  2. What kind of sump pump do you own?

The type of sump pump and battery you already have will determine the type of battery you buy in the future.

Sump pump batteries are available to run off of AC/DC or DC current. You just have to choose the type of battery you want:

  • Marine batteries:  Require no maintenance. These batteries come fully sealed and ready to be used. These are the preferred type as they are easily installed and forgotten until replacement.
  • Traditional batteries:  Acid batteries require maintenance. These can be installed and forgotten until the next maintenance check to make sure the water levels are full.

Either type of battery can last several hours as the backup when the power goes out, as long as the quality of the battery is good.

Sump Pump Battery Facts

  1. Main sump pumps are hardwired to the house’s power source or generator.
  2. Batteries can be used in conjunction with a back up sump pump for added protection.
  3. Backup sump pumps and batteries are utilized in the event of power failures, after the main source of power goes off or the electric pump fails.
  4. Some sump pumps will only run off the battery while others will use the power current to operate while the lights are still on and then switch to the battery when electricity fails.
  5. Sump pump batteries are powered by AC/DC or DC current, depending on the type of sump pump in use.

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