4 Ways to Prevent Water in a Crawl Space

If your home’s crawl space becomes too wet, it could cause serious problems. The moisture might make wood rot or create the right conditions for mold. It may also help termites invade your house. An inspection can reveal any problems and identify suitable ways to prevent water in crawl space areas:

  1. Man's hands with wrench turning off valvesDrainage systems stop moisture from entering this section of a building. For example, your home will benefit from roof gutters and downspouts that direct rainwater away from its foundation. To consistently prevent water in crawl space zones, clean the gutters regularly and think about installing units with leaf screens.
  2.  You may need to regrade your lawn or driveway if it allows water to run toward the house. An alternative way to prevent water in crawl space structures is to increase the height of your home’s foundation. However, this process involves rather large expenses.
  3. Water vapor may rise through a dirt floor and gradually damage your home’s frame. It also has the potential to harm indoor air quality. To keep a dry crawl space, consider installing a vapor barrier on the floor. Plastic performs well when homeowners need to prevent water in crawl space structures.
  4. Air conditioning systems can create moisture problems. Make sure an A/C unit isn’t draining condensation into the foundation. You may also prevent water in crawl space areas by ensuring that air ducts in this zone are sufficiently insulated. This will stop them from producing condensation.

When outdoor drainage improvements and basic home crawl space maintenance don’t solve the problem, we can help. Our knowledgeable, trustworthy staff installs waterproofing materials and sump pumps with battery backup systems. To reliably prevent water in crawl space areas at an affordable cost, please call Basement Flood Protector at (847) 852-7150 today.