AquaNot 508 Active

Aquanot 508 ActiveThe AquaNot Active 508 DC sump pump protects your home from water damage when power is interrupted to your main pump. It is powered by an Active smart-controller and connects to your internet and the powerful Z Control Cloud for easy monitoring and inspection using the Z Control Gateway.

Internet Connected Sump Pump

Having an internet connected sump pump connected to the wifi in home or business allows you to monitor and troubleshoot problems with easy. Some advanced wireless sump pumps, like the AquaNot 508 Active, can even diagnose and respond to problems.


  • Internet Sump Pump3 levels of Alarm – High Water, Reverse Polarity, Low Battery
  • Notifications and warnings from the Z Control Cloud and mobile app
  • Provides 5.5 hours of pumpings during power outages


Internet Sump Pump