Big Bottom Basin

NEW!!! The better sump pit is finally here, ONLY from Basement Flood Protector! Introducing The Protector “Big Bottom Basin”.  A two chamber, extra wide bottomed, clear cover sump pit, this pit will extend the life of your pump equipment because of it’s larger storage capacity, reducing the frequency of pump cycling. In addition, The Protector “Big Bottom Basin” will allow room for pump equipment to fit comfortably and operate freely, without risk of common tight space issues.

popuppix_big_bottom_basin_2        Protector Big Bottom Basin        popuppix_big_bottom_basin_1

The Protector “Big Bottom Basin” and optional extensions are molded from high quality, impact-resistant polyethylene. This tough, seamless, corrosion proof construction, together with the system’s innovative patented design and proven capabilities, has set the standard for proper drainage.

• Alleviates short cycling of the pump and extends overall pump life
• Clear acrylic cover lets you know what is happening in the basin without having to remove the cover
• Built-in pump stand keeps the pump off the bottom of the basin and away from debris
• Larger basin diameter is ideal for multiple pump applications
• Pre-perforated drainage holes provide added drainage and relieve outside pressure (also available without)
• Basin extensions allow for greater depth up to 15 feet
• Can be safely used in outdoor applications
• Made in the USA!
• Lifetime Warranty


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