Protector Classic Black Label

The Protector Classic Series are time tested, quality systems made to do one job, and do it well. These systems are an excellent alternative for the homeowner that has determined that the performance and features of a hardware store product are perhaps adequate but is seeking something better. American made quality and purposeful design make The Protector Black Label better able to protect your basement for years to come.

Protector Classic Black Label Sump PumpSo, why the name “Black Label”? It’s a nickname for the all new, world’s fastest DC sump pump. The pump gets its name from its black strainer and top label, but more importantly, it removes water at an unbelievable rate of 43 Gallons Per Minute at 10′ of lift (2,640 Gallons Per Hour)! That is nearly 3 times the capacity of the biggest retail system.*

The Protector Classic Black Label includes:

  • 1 ALL NEW Protector Black Label DC pump, world’s fastest!
  • 1 SmartCharge 10 amp charger/control unit
  • 1 Fully adjustable switch
  • Signal Sensor alarm unit
  • 1 battery box
  • 3-year warranty!

*Independent studies prove the real numbers of retail systems are only 7.5-18 GPM, and many people have unknowingly put their basements in peril by relying on inflated claims. There are plenty of places online where videos prove this out.


Specifications and Product Summary

Installation Diagram

Owner’s Manual

Contact the experts at Basement Flood Protectors for more information about the Protector Classic Series sump pumps. We will customize a basement waterproofing package that’s specific for your property.  Call (847) 852-7150 or contact us online.