Protector Power Series (AC/Inverter)

Note: The Protector Power Series and The Protector Hybrid Series are the same concept. Power Series is a rebranded popular brand while Hybrid is its own equipment at a much more affordable price.

Occasionally, a DC pump based backup system, such as The Protector iControl, DataPump or Classic Series of systems, is not appropriate. DC pumps are not designed to handle processing of the solid material found in sewage ejector pits. Sewage ejector pits that also collect ground water (common in the city of Chicago and close-in suburbs) are excellent candidates for The Protector Power Series, which utilize a Protector EcoPower Pump (high capacity, low power draw AC sump pump) powered by an efficient inverter. Our customary installation is to add a Protector EcoPower Pump electric pump and applicable discharge piping and plug the new second pump into the AC/Inverter system. This allows the secondary pump to operate if the first pump fails because of mechanical breakdown or power outage. An AC/Inverter’s running time is more limited than a DC pump based system, but this shortfall is sometimes offset by faster pumping capacities. Pump alternators for 2 pump installations are also available (and recommended). Please call us for a thorough discussion.

Note: AC/Inverter systems do NOT include crucial iControl or DataPump technology. Self-testing, diagnosing, and phone and email alerting capabilities, and the INTERNET CONNECTED features of The Protector iControl.

Optional Marine Batteries for Chicago area customers

Please note the appropriate Amp and quantity requirements for the package you are purchasing. We can ship batteries, but be aware that shipping can be $50+. Sump pump, ejector pump, and battery backup system installation is available in the greater Chicagoland area or we will ship your complete system package anywhere in the US. Please feel free to call for more information 847-852-7150

Maintenance Free (non AGM) Deep Cycle Battery (Group 31): $189.00
AGM (also maintenance free) Deep Cycle Battery (Group 31): $289.00