Protector Red Label

The Protector Classic Series are time tested, quality systems made to do one job, and do it well. Protector Classic systems are an excellent alternative for the homeowner that has determined that the performance and features of a hardware store product are adequate but understands that American made quality and purposeful design make a system better able to protect your basement for years to come. Designed by experience, not accountants.

Sump Pump System

Protector Red Label Sump PummsThe Protector Red Label system is an excellent system, beating the hardware store equipment in all categories, including: 29 GPM pump, runs for nearly 6 days without power*, smart multi-stage 6 amp charger with advanced features/LEDs such as battery type selection, battery rejuvenation mode, and fault indicators.

Protector Red Label includes:

  • 1 Protector Red Label pump, 29 GPM at 10′
  • SmartCharge 6 amp charger unit, smart features listed above
  • Fully adjustable switch allows for proper cycling
  • 1 battery box keeps battery safe and clean
  • 1 Signal Sensor alarm unit, alerts to pump activation, both audible and LED
  • 3-year warranty!


Specifications and Product Summary

Installations Diagram

Owner’s Manual

Contact the experts at Basement Flood Protectors for more information about the Protector Classic Series sump pumps. We will customize a basement waterproofing package that’s specific for your property.  Call (847) 852-7150 or contact us online.