Water Powered Sump Pumps

Water Powered Sump PumpsWater powered sump pumps offer protection from water damage and flooding even when the electricity is out. While battery powered models are useful, they do have a limited runtime making a water powered pump the only sure fire way to pump water from your basement during an extended power outage.

The Protector Water Commander™

The Protector Water Commander™ backup sump pump is reliable, powerful and uses no battery or electricity.

The Protector Water Commander™ is a fully automatic backup sump pump, protecting your basement from flooding during a power outage or primary pump failure. The Protector Water Commander™ uses your home’s city water pressure as the source of its pumping energy. Because it does not depend on a battery, it can operate at full power, as needed, for years to come. The Protector Water Commander™ can remove up to 2830 GPH with a 1″ water supply, making it the most powerful water-powered backup sump pump available anywhere.


  • Minimum 1” water supply
  • From 40 PSI to 125 PSI house water pressure
  • 1 1/2” PVC suction and discharge pipes