Choosing a Backup Sump Pump in Chicago

Backup Sump Pump in ChicagoChoosing a backup sump pump in Chicago is not that difficult if you know exactly what you’re looking for. This type of pump, as the name indicates, is designed to act as a backup should your main pump fail due to a malfunction, a power outage or another issue. It will provide you with several hours of protection should you have a flood in your basement, helping to save your home from water damage.

Choosing the Battery

There are two main types of backup sump pump in Chicago, one that runs on DC power and another that runs or AC and DC power. The backup system will typically switch to DC power if the pump fails or the AC power fails. If the power remains on, however, the backup may be able to run off of AC without having to drain the battery. If the unit only runs on DC, however, it will only operate on battery power.

The kind of battery you choose is another important consideration. Marine batteries are maintenance free, while traditional batteries require you to occasionally add water.

The Float Switch

The other reason backup sump pumps are so important is that there are times the main pump can become overwhelmed with water. This typically occurs during a very heavy rain or a fast snow melt. This makes a battery backup with a float switch especially important, essentially providing double the pumping power during extreme conditions.

There are some models available with advanced technology that can e-mail or text you if a sump pump emergency occurs. While these are more expensive, of course, the investment will be worth it if you have spent a lot of money on a finished basement.

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