Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding can happen at any time, and during any type of weather. It does not matter if a driving rainstorm is taking place or it is a beautiful, sunny day. These are just a few of the reasons this problem happens.

Basement Flooding in Dry Weather

While most basement flooding occurs during storms or heavy snowfalls, of course, they can also happen when it is bone dry outside. One common reason is a blocked sewer line. As these lines age they often deteriorate; in many instances they are penetrated by tree roots and collapse. When this happens, the only way that wastewater can drain is usually into your basement.

Foundation drainage failure can also lead to basement flooding. If your home is located in a low-lying area, your drainage system will continually be under a great deal of pressure in order to keep groundwater out of your basement. However, these systems can also deteriorate over time or become clogged.

Basement Flooding in Wet Weather

Rain, melting snow and thawing ground can wreak havoc on a basement. For instance, seepage can occur through cracks and holes in your home’s foundation. No matter how strong your drainage system may be, water can still find its way into your basement. Settlement of the grading around your home as well as excessive downspout water discharge can also lead to flooding.

One of the most common causes of basement flooding, however, is sump pump failure. If a failure occurs, either due to a malfunction or a power outage, water will simply not have any place else to go.

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