Common Causes of Patio Drainage Problems in Illinois

You may not give much thought to your patio until there’s something wrong with it. Patio drainage problems in Illinois won’t just spell trouble for the outside of your house, it can often provide a path for water to sneak into your home too. Small amounts of mold and water damage can go a long way, and it’s especially devastating if the pooling goes on for a while before you find it.

The Usual Drainage Culprits

Patio DrainageHere are common causes so you can perform the preventative work necessary to keep your patio safe.

Check your pipes and overhangs first, because it may be as simple as fixing a leak. If you have any type of pitch on your patio, then that could be another potential cause as well. The construction may not account for the specifics of the patio, and you generally find the problem after it’s too late because pitch interacts differently with each new patch of earth and house.

Steps and walkways may cause puddles if they’re too steep or the water otherwise can’t run off. If you have a retaining wall anywhere near your property, it needs to have holes in it or else the colder months may cause the wall to crack through expansion. And you already know that it gets pretty chilly in Illinois. It could also be a faulty sprinkler system or buried debris which often creates small pockets around your home of poor drainage too.

Spotting drainage problems early is your best way to keep your expenses low and inconvenience to a bare minimum. If you think you might have any of these common causes of patio drainage problems in Illinois, you may want to get additional help. Give us a call at 847-852-7150 today for assistance.