Common Reasons for Basement Seepage

basement seepageBasement seepage is one of the biggest headaches associated with home ownership. If you have this problem, you probably worry every time a big rainstorm hits, or a big snowfall melts. These are just a few of the more typical reasons this issue occurs.

Top-of-the-Wall Basement Seepage

If the ground slopes into your house then that means rainwater will drain into your home instead of away from it. In many instances, water can get into the basement over the top of your basement wall. This is very typical in older homes, but newer homes with poor drainage systems can experience the problem as well. For example, if your downspouts are too short or not pointed far enough away from your house, then they could discharge water over the top of the wall.

Window Well Basement Seepage

Window wells usually do a great job of keeping away water and soil, but if your drainage system is low quality then it makes it very difficult for your wells to function properly. If you are experiencing basement seepage through your window wells, the cause may be overflowing gutters. Make sure your downspouts properly drain away from your home and that your gutters are clear. If you are still having an issue, have a professional check to see that your windows were properly installed.

Wall Cracks and Basement Seepage

One of the most common – and serious – reasons for basement seepage is a crack, or cracks, in the basement wall. However, you need to fix more than the crack itself in order to properly address the problem. You need to get to the cause of the crack.

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