Common Signs You Need Window Well Replacement

Window Well ReplacementWindow well replacement will usually be needed when a basement floods unexpectedly. But if you are observant, you will notice signs that a replacement is needed well before any types of flooding occur. Be alert to any indications that your window well is having issues so that you can get in front of them before they turn into major problems.

Signs of Aging

When you get the chance, get a good look at the window well from the outside. If you see any bumps, scrapes or rust, those could indicate that you need window well replacement because the old one is showing signs of wear and tear. Other signs you need a new window well include any evidence of mold growth and any indications that moisture is getting into your basement.

Choose Carefully When Getting Window Well Replacement

Window well replacement can be a very time-consuming job that requires a great deal of experience and skill. As a result, you need to make sure you call a professional. If you go the do-it-yourself route and make even a small error, you will very likely have to deal with damaging basement flooding the next time it rains.

In most instances, this job entails the excavation of soil from the old window before it is removed. Then, the technician will take a close look at your basement drainage system to ensure it is doing its job correctly. If there are any problems, the technician may suggest installation of a new drainpipe.

After the new well is installed, it will be secured to your home’s foundation. Soil and gravel will then be placed around the new window for proper support.

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