Do I need a Battery Backup for my Sump Pump?

If you know what a sump pump is, you likely know that you have one somewhere in your home in order to protect the place from flooding. It is AC powered. While this is good, you should be aware that this by itself is not infallible protection.

Water Damage from Basement FloodsThere are a number of scenarios in which a battery backup for your sump pump would be useful. For example, if there is a power malfunction, such as the fuse blowing or the power just going out, the primary sump pump will not function and the home will flood. If the pump ends up with a clog or similar problem, flooding could also occur.

Also, the float switch on your primary pump could fail or get stuck. These scenarios and many more are reasons why you do need a battery backup for your sump pump. All sump pumps will fail eventually in one way or another, and if you do not have a backup, you may as well not have a sump pump at all.

Backup Sump Pump in Lake Zurich

Basically, a battery backup sump pump is a second pump that is installed adjacent to the original sump pump. It is equipped with a battery, so that it has a secondary power source that can allow it to work even if there is a power malfunction. It also has its own switch, so it is automatically activated when the water level begins to rise. It not only functions as an alternative to the primary sump pump but also a supplement. In the case of strong storms where there is too much water in the sump basin for the primary pump to effectively deal with, the backup pump will start to work and give the entire system more pumping power. It is important to make sure not only that you have a backup sump pump, but also that it is working.

Contact Basement Flood Protector

If you need assistance with your sump pump or the backup system, you can call Basement Flood Protector at 847-852-7150. They should be able to help you ensure that everything is in working order with your sump pump system.