Do You Need Window Well Replacement?

Window Well ReplacementIf your basement floods unexpectedly, that is an indication that you may need window well replacement. But if you see signs of aging, you may want to have the service performed to get ahead of any problems that may occur. Here is some information on what to expect when you call a pro with Basement Flood Protector.

Wear and Tear

Take a close look at your window well from the outside, if possible. If you notice any rust, scrapes are bumps, those could be signs that you need window well replacement. Of course, you will need to have it done if you notice any moisture getting into your basement, but you should also call a pro if you see any evidence of mold growth.

What to Expect

It is very important that you contact an expert to have your window well replacement the right way. This can be a very time-consuming project that will take a great deal of skill and experience. If you try it yourself and make even a slight mistake, you may be in store for a damaging basement flood during the next heavy rain.

More than likely, the technicians will excavate the soil from the old window and then remove the well from the foundation. The next step will usually be to closely inspect the drainage system to make sure it is working properly. If it is not, then it may be necessary to install a new drainpipe. Then, the new well will be put in place and secured to the foundation. In most instances, gravel as well as the excavated soil will then be placed around the edges of the window well in order to provide support.

Get in touch with the experts at Basement Flood Protector if you need window well replacement. Contact us online or call 847-852-7150 or 866-930-7898 to learn more or schedule service.