Foundation Cracks

When performed correctly, foundation crack repairs can provide a permanent solution that will deliver peace of mind to a homeowner. Basement Flood Protector technicians have a vast amount of experience providing this service, and have helped thousands of people throughout Chicagoland over the last four decades.

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

If your home has a concrete foundation, the odds are that is has some cracks. But not all cracks lead to seepage or leaks. These cracks are typically the result of pressure on the foundation, shifting, or settlement of the house. You should schedule an appointment with one of our experts to determine not only the location of any foundation cracks you may have, but also whether or not they pose a threat to your home.

How Do You Fix Foundation Cracks?

The type of repair needed will depend on the type of foundation crack that is present, but generally it involves some excavation outside the home. This is needed to not only expose the crack, but also to allow us to apply a rubber membrane to protect against leaks and seepage. Then, the foundation will be re-tarred and sealed for permanent protection.

If the foundation crack is on the interior of your home, then we will typically repair it by directly applying epoxy compounds to the wall and then injecting another type of epoxy into the body of the crack. In most instances, this is the most cost-effective option.

Contact Us About Foundation Cracks

The professionals with Basement Flood Protector have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of foundation cracks. You should get in touch with us immediately once you spot a crack so that we can perform the repairs necessary to limit potential damage. Contact us online or call us at (847) 852-7150.