How Large of an Automatic Generator Do You Need?

Automatic generatorWhen the utility grid fails, having an automatic generator can bring you peace of mind knowing that your essential appliances and electronics will keep running smoothly. There are several different sizes of generators, however, and it can be difficult to decide exactly which size would be right for you. Here is a general set of guideline to help make your decision easier.

Portable Units

A small portable generator typically generates 3,000-4,000 watts of power and is used to keep basic items working during an outage. These include the refrigerator, microwave, television, some of your lights and your sump pump. A mid-sized unit (about 5,000-8,500 watts) will usually power all of that plus a computer, a backup sump pump, your heating system and additional lights. Large portable units (10,000 watts) typically power all of the above plus your central air conditioner, a small water heater and an electric range.

Stationary Units

If you live in an area that is prone to power outages on a regular basis, you may be better served to have a large stationary automatic generator installed. This is also referred to as a “whole home” generator because it will keep everything in your home working – including your clothes washer and dryer.

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