How to Prevent Your Patio from Flooding During Heavy Rains

If you have a patio and live in an area that experiences heavy spring and summer rains, it’s important to have a drainage system in place. Not only can patio flooding ruin a BBQ or outdoor party, it can cause serious damage to the structure over time. Pooled water can also become a mosquito breeding ground after just a few days.

Hire a Drainage Professional

Preventing Patio FloodingOne way to prevent damage from flooding is by having a drainage system installed by a professional before the start of the rainy season. Patio drainage systems allow rainwater to flow off and away from the structure before it has a chance to pool and become a problem.

When the drainage professionals arrive at your house, they will determine where the water tends to build up on your patio, and then cut a channel in the patio material, such as brick or concrete, to encourage the runoff.

Choose the System that Works for You

The system will be installed in an aesthetically pleasing way, so it will not take away from the appearance of your patio. The professionals may even be able to match the drainage system to the material so that it blends in seamlessly, such as a silver system on a grey concrete patio.

If you choose to have a system installed alongside the patio instead, you’ll also be able to choose the type of fill, such as gravel, the company uses in the drainage channel to coordinate with the style of your home. As one idea, large stones or pebbles will enhance the look of a rustic wood patio.

Contact Us for Help

If you already have a patio drainage system in place but it’s blocked with debris such as sticks, branches or leaves, a professional can clear it out so that it flows freely again. No matter what your patio drainage issue is, call us at (847) 852-7150 so that we can help solve the problem before flooding damages your outdoor refuge.