How Often Should a Sump Pump Run?

How Often Should a Sump Pump RunHow often should a sump pump run? The short answer is only when needed. If your model is running continuously – say for a day or so – then you probably have a problem. These are some of the more common reasons this problem occurs.

A Stuck Switch

A sump pump’s float switch determines whether the pump runs or not. As water rises in the sump pit, the switch floats upward. When it gets to a certain level, the pump turns on. There are times, however, the switch can become stuck in that “on” position and the pump will keep running as a result. The switch can become jammed or clogged, or, if the pump is cheap, the switch can become tangled. If the switch needs to be replaced, call a professional.

The Pump or Liner is the Wrong Size

If your pump is the wrong size, there is a chance it will run non-stop. If it is too small, it will not be able to move out water without “taking a break.” This will reduce its lifespan and lead to the need for a replacement. Or, the pump could be the right size but the liner is too small. This will result in the pump moving water out faster than the liner is able to fill. When this happens, the pump will turn off-and-on continuously.

A Check Valve Problem

The check valve is designed to ensure any water that leaves your home does not return to the pit. If the check valve was not installed correctly, any water moved out will only come back in. The sump pump will move it out once again, and then the water will come back. This will keep happening again and again until you have the valve either repaired or replaced.

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