Seepage typically occurs when the soil that surrounds a basement undergoes an excessive amount of hydrostatic pressure. This leads to water entering the basement through cracks in the area where the wall and the floor intersect. It is imperative that this problem gets fixed as soon as possible by an expert with Basement Flood Protector so that any damage can be minimized.

Why Seepage Needs to Be Fixed Quickly

If water gets into your basement due to seepage, several different types of problems can result. For instance, any belongings or appliances could be damaged over time, and there is also a potential for structural damage to your home. If you are seeing any signs of seepage in your basement, give us a call as soon as you can.

Repair Methods to Stop Seepage

There are several different methods used to stop seepage from occurring; the one that works best for you will depend on the severity of your problem. At Basement Flood Protector, we will carefully examine your issue and recommend the repair that will best take care of it. We will not try to force a solution on you; the repair we recommend will be tailored specifically to your situation. One of the main factors that will help determine that solution is the kind of foundation system your home has.

Whatever the type of solution is best, you can be 100 percent confident that we will take care of the job right the first time so that your seepage problem is eliminated for good. We will do whatever it takes to make sure water will no longer be able to penetrate your walls and enter your basement.

Contact Us if Your Home is Experiencing Seepage

Get in touch with the professionals at Basement Flood Protector and we will provide you with detailed information on the severity of your seepage problem as well as what we believe needs to be done to fix it. Contact us online or call us at (847) 438-6770 to schedule an appointment.