Signs You Need Sump Pump Replacement

A sump pump can be your home’s last stand against encroaching water due to a downpour or melting snow. That is why you need to be extremely observant as to whether or not you may need a sump pump replacement. Here are just a few of the warning signs you need to be aware of.

The Pump Does Not Turn On

If your unit fails to turn on in the first place, that is obviously a sign you will probably need sump pump replacement. But it is not a 100 percent indication you need to buy a new pump. First, make sure that the float switch has not become stuck. In units with tethered switches, they can sometimes become caught in the sump basin. If your switch is not the problem, then you will need a new unit.

The Unit Runs too Long

When a pump runs for a long time continuously, that is a sign of a serious problem. The pump may not be strong enough for the amount of water it needs to displace, or for the distance it has to move that water. You will probably need to consider a sump pump replacement.

The Unit Makes a lot of Noise

If your sump pump is operating correctly, the most you should hear will be a low humming sound. When it turns off, you may hear a slight thumping sound. If your unit is making a great deal of noise that could be a big problem. It may mean that a bearing or two are about to burn out. A rattling or grinding noise means that the pump’s impeller may have been jammed or damaged. Any of these issues mean you will probably be better off getting  a new unit.

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