Sump Pit Failure

A home’s sump pit is an extremely important component of its flood protection. If a sump pit failure occurs, that can lead to damaging flooding that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The experts with Basement Flood Protector have more than four decades of experience repairing sump pit problems and have brought peace of mind to thousands of homeowners throughout the Chicago area.

Bigger is Often Better

In many instances, sump pumps are unable to operate correctly because the sump pit is simply too small. However, at Basement Flood Protector we can install an extra wide “Big Bottom Basin” sump pit to make sure your equipment works when you need it the most. This will also help extend the life of your sump pump because it will not have to cycle on and off too often.

The Big Bottom Basin comes with a clear acrylic cover so that you can see what is going on in the sump pit without having to remove the cover. It also has a built-in pump stand that keeps your sump pump above the bottom of the pit and away from potentially damaging debris. The basin can also be used in outdoor applications.

Contact Us About Sump Pit Failure

The higher the water gets, the higher the chances that a sump pit failure may occur. Take that risk out of the equation by having an expert with Basement Flood Protector come to your home and install a pit that will reduce the chances an overflow will happen. Give us a call at (847) 438-6770 or contact us online to schedule service.