How Sump Pump Alarms Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Sump pump alarms protect your home from water, whether you are at home, at work or away on vacation. They are designed to sound a loud alarm when your sump pump is not functioning properly and hopefully alert you to check it before your basement becomes flooded and it costs a considerable amount of money to make repairs.

How Sump Pump Alarms Work

How Sump Pump Alarms Protect Your HomeThe most basic sump pump alarms are battery operated with a sensor that hangs a few inches below your sump pits surface. When water touches the sensor, a loud alarm sounds that can be heard from a long distance. When you hear the alarm sound, you are alerted to go check your sump pump to see what is wrong with it. Advanced systems can notify you even if you aren’t home at the time the alarm sounds. It is wired to a device that plugs into your home phone line and can call several phones numbers programmed into it to alert you, family members or neighbors by phone.

What to do When Sump Pump Alarms go off

Most commonly, the sump pump alarms that protect your home from water damage alert you to high water levels. It is an early warning system designed to alert you to the fact that your basement may flood soon. When it sounds, you need to check your system immediately.

Check the power to see that it is on. If it was off, you can turn it back on and then flip the switch to your sump pump on and off a few times to reset it.

Check the sump pump’s basin level. If the water sensor is wet from rain or a malfunction, dry the sensor off. If it is raining really hard, the alarm may be alerting you that water is rising in the basin and you need to make sure the pump can keep up with the rising levels.

At times, the alarm may go off only because the pump is working hard during high peak usage in a rainstorm.

If you aren’t sure what made the alarm sound, call Basement Flood Protector at (847) 852-7150 for a quick response to make repairs and protect your home from flooding.