The Solution for Permanent Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack RepairIf you notice foundation cracks, you need to act fast to address the problem to reduce the chances that the structural integrity of your home will be threatened. If that crack begins to grow, you could have some serious problems. Whether the issue occurs due to settling or something else, you need to get it taken care of as soon as you can. Basement Flood Protector offers foundation crack repair that can solve your issue and provide you with a great deal of peace of mind.

CrackAttack – A Revolutionary Solution

We can inject a substance known as CrackAttack to provide foundation crack repair. It is advisable that you use this alternative if you have cracks in an area that may be inaccessible in the future due to any remodeling plans you may have such as a basement finishing project.

The injection method is preferable to repair any sort of leaking crack in a poured foundation because it is time-tested and permanent. CrackAttack will ensure that whatever crack you have will be 100 percent filled from the inside out. There are other products out there whose manufacturers claim will do the same, but they only cover the surface of a crack.

The type of injection materials we use will depend on the type of crack that needs to be fixed. We will typically recommend urethane because it not only provides a permanent seal, it also provides some elasticity should there be any movement in the foundation. It is very important that you only hire a company with a great deal of experience in providing this type of service, because it is a complex process that takes years to master.

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