When should I test my Sump Pump?

The sump pump is the most important appliance that you probably rarely use. This makes regular sump pump testing that much more important so it can protect your house and belongings. After all, why have it if it won’t help you when you need it most?

Sump Pump Basic Operation

Sump Pump TestingA typical sump pump consists of a basin in your basement floor with a float mechanism to trigger the pump when the water level rises high enough. The pump may be sealed within the basin or set above on a pedestal. An impeller located in the basin moves the water, either integral with the pump or driven from a shaft from pedestal units. These, along with the piping and various other components have to operate seamlessly and need regular checks and maintenance.

So, how often should test my sump pump?

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) recommends testing your sump pump:

  • Annually
  • Before home sale

Sump & Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association (SSPMA) makes a similar recommendation. But everyone’s circumstances are different so there are other factors to consider. These could include:

  • Scheduling to align with seasonal rains
  • After electrical maintenance
  • Recent issues with pipe breakage around yard
  • SSPMA advises cleaning/testing sump pumps every 3-4 months if it also pumps washing machine water

Don’t leave your home and belongings’ safety to chance. At a minimum have your sump pump tested and maintained once a year. But for the highest level of security, a sump pump expert can help you understand your system and help find the potential problems that might develop. Even seemingly unrelated issues could put your sump pump at risk if allowed to go unchecked. If you aren’t sure what working condition your sump pump and its supporting systems are in, call the sump pump maintenance pros at Basement Flood Protector at 847-852-7150 for you home, and peace of mind.