Which Battery Backup Sump Pump Should I Buy?

Homeowners ask:

How do I know which backup system is right for my basement?

Like any purchase try to do some research first to familiarize yourself with different systems.

Avoid buying the cheapest pumps. Like many things, you get what you pay for. Skimping on cost now could lead to much more expense in flood damage later. Buy a backup system from a reputable company that will stand by its products. Be sure they have a service department as well. Choose a backup system with a high pumping capacity because you never know how hard it might rain during a power outage.  The efficiency of the pump is important too so your battery doesn’t drain too fast while power is out.

Most people look at the question of needs and wants. The system you NEED is the one that can keep up with the flow your sump pit collects. How often does your electric pump run during a heavy rain? Also, consider how long of a power outage you want to protect against. This is the best way to gauge what level (size) system you NEED. Too many people come to us after they flooded because they thought the hardware store pump was the answer.

On the other hand, WANTS is a whole other story. Self-testing and notification are considered WANTS by some customers and NEEDS by others. We believe Self Testing is crucial. After all, why spend the money on anything unless you will know when it is no longer working. Don’t fool yourself that you are actually going to regularly test it yourself. Some of our pump systems self-test and are monitored by our dedicated server. If anything is reported wrong, you get phone calls and emails. You are equipped with the information necessary to prevent a flood, instead of scrambling during the next storm because you didn’t know something failed a month ago.

Do I need a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Homeowners ask:
Why would I need a good quality backup pump at this house? At my last house, the pump ran more often.

If you have a finished basement or anything of value stored in the basement you need a good backup pump system. Just because it seems your pump isn’t very active doesn’t mean you won’t flood during a heavy storm or if your main pump fails. All basements can flood under the right circumstances and it’s better to be safe than sorry.