Why Does My Sump Pump Run So Often?

Homeowners ask:

Why Does My Sump Pump Run So Often? What Can I Do?

Some houses have more water in the ground at the foundation than others. Your neighbor’s pump might hardly ever run, but yours in cycling constantly. It even runs during the winter and droughts! The reasons for this can vary.

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Sump Pump Constantly RunningFirst, you want to rule out:

  • Broken underground water main… is there chlorine in your sump water? Does shutting off the water main reduce the amount of incoming water after some time?
  • Negative grade at the foundation… surface rain water will rush toward your home… have a landscaping professional evaluate and correct.
  • Downspouts and/or sump discharge are dumping water too close to house… have underground RainDrain “gravity drains” installed by a professional like Basement Flood Protector, so that the water is dispersed someplace further away from the house.

Nope, I still have tons of water:

If the above suggestions have been ruled out, it is likely that your home’s drain tile simply collects water at either the lowest point or “in the path” of the ground water. And, unfortunately, there is not a whole lot you can do about it.

You do not want to attempt to stop the water flow as water pressure is a very powerful force. It will cause seepage and potentially harm your home’s foundation. The only solution is to install bigger and better pumps. The water must be pumped out as fast as it can ever come in. The Protector electric EcoPower sump pumps and the Protector iControl provide the best equipment money can buy.