DIY Interior Drain Tile System Installation – Not a Good Idea

interior drain tile systemAn interior drain tile system is a very effective, time-tested method of dealing with basement water issues Рprovided, of course, it is installed by a professional. There are far too many instances of do-it-yourselfers trying to perform their own installations and causing major problems as a result. These are just a few of the reasons why the DIY approach is never a recommended course of action as it will almost always require professional drain tile repair.

How it Works

It is fairly simply to install an interior drain tile system, which makes it tempting for many homeowners to try and do it on their own. In a nutshell, it relieves hydrostatic pressure under the foundation of a home, helping to eliminate the risk of water coming through floor cracks or joints. It will typically sit underneath the basement floor next to the footings of the foundation.

Installation of an interior drain tile system usually starts by taking out a strip of flooring around the perimeter of the basement and then digging out the solid to create a trench. Then, a layer of gravel is poured into the trench and tile piping wrapped in fabric is laid on top and directed toward your sump pit. After covering the pipe with an additional layer of gravel, the concrete floor is then replaced.

Why You Need to Leave Interior Drain Tile Installation to a Pro

While it may sound simple to install this type of drainage system, the reality is it takes an incredible amount of work. Several hundred feet of concrete may need to be cut out using jackhammers, and bucket loads of soil will need to be carried out of the basement when digging the trench. On top of that, you need a large amount of gravel, and you will need to know how to cut PVC pipe.

It can take a professional crew of five or six technicians two days to complete this type of job. Even if you have a lot of friends or family members willing to help, what if a mistake is made? What if you do not discover that mistake until after your work is buried under tons of soil?

Take all of that risk out of the equation by choosing Basement Flood Protector to install your interior drain tile system. Contact us online or call 847-852-7150 or 866-930-7898 to schedule an appointment.