Lake Forest Basement Waterproofing

When you choose Basement Flood Protector to provide your Lake Forest basement waterproofing, you will not have to worry about flooding in your home the next time a big storm comes your way. Instead of stressing over your home, you can read or watch TV and relax.

Basement Waterproofing in Lake Forest

We provide several different Lake Forest basement waterproofing services, and our customers understand the precision, hard work, determination and expertise we put into every job. Not only have we been in business for more than four decades, most of our work is derived from referrals. You do not stay in business that long, and you do not receive that many positive recommendations, if you are not doing something right. No matter how young or old your home may be, and no matter the material from which it is made, we will have the right solution to address any sort of seepage problem you may be experiencing.

Lake Forest Sump Pump Installation

In order to help ensure your basement remains free of water, you need to have a reliable sump pump. However, you will also need an expert sump pump installation performed. Far too many do-it-yourselfers regret their decision, because their pump fails to work correctly. Not only do we carry only the best sump pumps, we provide unsurpassed installation services. We will make sure your pump is both reliable and durable.

Drainage Engineering in the North Shore

If you are experiencing basement water intrusion that is so serious it makes your sump pump work too hard, then you need to call Basement Flood Protector. We will determine the underlying cause of the problem and fix it so that your problem is eliminated once and for all. We can solve any issues you may have with gutter or sump discharge, install a French drain or a trough drain, or provide one of many other services to ensure your basement remains dry and safe.
Waterproofing in Lake Forest

Lake Forest Window Well Services

Water can commonly enter a basement through a window well – particularly if the window is located either at or below grade. If you are facing this issue, we can help by installing a drainage system that will move water safely away from the well. We can also install a durable cover that will keep the well free of debris.

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