Palatine Basement Waterproofing

Customers looking for Palatine basement waterproofing need look no further than the experts with Basement Flood Protector. We have earned the trust of thousands of customers over the last four decades, and we will do all we can to earn yours as well. In addition to waterproofing, we offer a variety of products and services designed to keep your home safe and dry regardless of what the elements can dish out.

Basement Waterproofing in Palatine

We love it when we provide Palatine basement waterproofing services and our customers realize that they can finally use their basements with confidence. It no longer has to be a dank, barren area you rarely have the courage to visit. Instead, it can be like discovering you have an extra bedroom, laundry room or playroom. Our wide range of services will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your basement will be totally sealed from any intrusions of water.

Sump Pump Installation

For many people, a sump pump is their home’s last line of defense against a flood in Cook County. If it fails, that could result in thousands of dollars of damage or possibly even a ruined foundation. We offer expert sump pump installation featuring the highest-quality products available, whether you are looking for a main pump or a battery-powered backup that will kick in should your home experience a power outage.

Drainage Engineering

If you have some drainage system problem, you may be resigned to a flooded basement every time it rains. However, it does not have to be that way. Get in touch with us and we will thoroughly inspect your Northwestern Chicago home’s drainage engineering to determine the reason for the problem, and then quickly determine the right course of action. You can rest assured that once we install your new drainage system, you will never have to deal with a wet basement again.
Basement Waterproofing in Palatine

Window Well Services

It is easy to ignore your basement window well, since it falls squarely into the category of “out of sight, out of mind.” But even a small issue with your well can lead to problems – especially if you do not know there is a problem in the first place. We have seen far too many instances of significant damage that occurred gradually due to a malfunctioning window well. We will make sure your well effectively moves water away from your home and keeps your basement safe and dry.

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