Wet Basement

A wet basement can cause many different problems for a house. Not only can seeping water weaken the foundation, it can also seriously damage appliances or other items. Basement Flood Protector offers several services that will ensure a home remains protected no matter what the elements can dish out. These are just a few of the problems addressed by Basement Flood Protector.

Foundation Cracks

The Problem: A foundation crack in your home can lead to big problems if it is not addressed by a professional. If the crack grows, it can potentially compromise the integrity of your house.

Our Solution: Basement Flood Protectors uses a time-tested repair process that will repair your foundation cracks. This permanent solution will ensure the crack is completely sealed from the inside out.


The Problem: If there is excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soils that surround the walls of your basement, water can seep in and slowly damage your home’s foundation. Seepage can not only cause a wet basement, it can damage all of its contents. It typically enters the basement through a crack in the area where the floor and the wall intersect.

Our Solution: We can install a system that will provide a permanent solution to this troublesome problem. You will no longer have to cringe every time it rains, because your home will be completely protected.

Sump Pit Failure

The Problem: Sump pits are built to collect excess water from both the exterior and interior drainage systems of your home, which is then transported away from your home by a sump pump. When a pump fails, your basement can easily flood. In many cases a pump will fail due to some sort of issue with the pit, such as a lack of space.

Our Solution: Basement Flood Protector can install a wide-bottomed sump pit that will help to extend the life of your sump pump. This pit has a larger capacity so your pump will not have to cycle on and off as often. We also offer durable, dependable sump pumps as well as battery-powered backup systems that will keep your home safe should an electrical outage occur.

Exterior Leaks

The Problem: Many block, stone and brick foundations will still leak despite the use of special epoxy injections due to a failure in the exterior membrane.

Our Solution: We can adhere a strong rubber membrane to the outside of your foundation that will provide a waterproof barrier. This will typically involve a great deal of prep work as well as foundation excavation.

Contact Us if You Have a Wet Basement

There is no need for you to have to continue dealing with all the hassles associated with a wet basement. Get in touch with Basement Protector and we will take care of that problem for good. Contact us online or call (847) 438-6770 to learn more or schedule service.