How Long Does a Sump Pump Battery Last?

Sump pump batteries can last several hours. However, there is a little more to consider when deciding on the best battery for your needs. Ask yourself these two questions: What kind of backup battery does your current pump have? What kind of sump pump do you own? The type of sump pump and battery you already have will determine the … Read More

4 Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Many homeowners deal with basement flooding on a fairly regular basis. Though some just hope that it will go away on its own rather than dealing with it, this can end up doing a lot of damage to your home in the long run. When your basement floods, it is best to handle the problem right away. In order to … Read More

Are Sump Pump Failures Covered By Insurance?

Alas, the answer to this question is not quite as simple as it should be. If your homeowner’s policy covers flooding, then it will cover the cost if your sump pump fails. It is important to remember that sometimes you have to opt in for this coverage and pay extra for it. If you have a home that you think … Read More

Sump Pump Installation in Crawl Spaces

The use of a sump pump is necessary for many areas for dealing with water issues either on a daily or seasonal basis. High moisture levels in your home can cause a lot of trouble in the form of humidity, molds, rot, and more. Installing a sump pump in a crawl space is not without its challenges. Here are a … Read More

Should I Worry if My Sump Pump Smells Like Sulfur?

If you start to notice an unpleasant odor seeping through your basement or crawl space, it could be coming from your sump pump. Oftentimes, a sulfurous odor coming from your sump pump is nothing more than an indication that it needs some minor maintenance. Occasionally, however, a foul odor can be indicative of a more serious issue with your sewer … Read More

How to Test Your Sump Pump

How to Test Your Sump Pump

Testing your sump pump regularly is one of the best ways to protect yourself against home water damage. Better yet, it’s easy to do and won’t cost you a penny. A properly working sump pump can save your home and your belongings in the event of a flood or severe weather conditions. You should check your pump every two to … Read More

Do I need a Battery Backup for my Sump Pump?

If you know what a sump pump is, you likely know that you have one somewhere in your home in order to protect the place from flooding. It is AC powered. While this is good, you should be aware that this by itself is not infallible protection. There are a number of scenarios in which a battery backup for your … Read More

How to Prevent Your Patio from Flooding During Heavy Rains

If you have a patio and live in an area that experiences heavy spring and summer rains, it’s important to have a drainage system in place. Not only can patio flooding ruin a BBQ or outdoor party, it can cause serious damage to the structure over time. Pooled water can also become a mosquito breeding ground after just a few days. … Read More

Common Mistakes While Installing a Sump Pump

If you have a basement with water problems or the potential for flooding, there’s the possibility for a significant amount of damage. Regardless of the source of the water, most issues can be fixed fairly quickly. A sump pump won’t fix the source of your problem, but it will keep your space dry and treat the symptoms while you work … Read More

How Sump Pump Alarms Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Sump pump alarms protect your home from water, whether you are at home, at work or away on vacation. They are designed to sound a loud alarm when your sump pump is not functioning properly and hopefully alert you to check it before your basement becomes flooded and it costs a considerable amount of money to make repairs. How Sump … Read More